[Orca-users] How to exclude filesystems?

Dmitry Berezin dberezin at surfside.rutgers.edu
Wed Jan 26 11:39:37 PST 2005

Actually no. The number of columns is always the same within one data file.
If it changes, orcallator will start a new data file. AFAIK, orca can not
handle format changes within one data file. Also, something like


head -1 data_file | gawk '{for (i=1;i<NF; i++) if
($i~"vxckpt|checkp|verita") print i, $i}' 


will give you the column numbers that you want to exclude. Or this


gawk '{for (i=1;i<NF;i++) {if (NR==1 && $i~"vxckpt|checkp|verita") np[i]=1;
if (np[i]!=1) printf $i" "};print ""}' data_file > new_data_file


will create a new data file without the columns that you don't want.




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Dmitry Berezin wrote: 

Use awk to print all columns in your data file except for those you want to
exclude and save the output to a new data file.

The problem with that is that the number of columns can change in the middle
of a file (as with adding a new filesystem, for example).  Also, regular
'awk' can't handle lines that long (4088 characters).  Though 'gawk' seems
capable of working with it.  Still, coding the gawk script to extract the
right column at all times is something I could probably do, but goes beyond
the "easy" part of "easy way to delete columns" I was looking for. ;)  I see
orcallator-column in the distribution .. I suppose I could start with that.
But I remember hearing about a tool out there for manipulating the source
orca data files.  Hmm,







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