[Orca-users] How to exclude filesystems?

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Wed Jan 26 15:33:16 PST 2005

Dmitry Berezin wrote:

> Actually no. The number of columns is always the same within one data 
> file. If it changes, orcallator will start a new data file. AFAIK, 
> orca can not handle format changes within one data file. Also, 
> something like

Oh?  I could swear I've seen some data files with multiple header lines 
in them.  So, every time I mount a new filesystem, or unmount an old 
one, orca creates a whole new datafile with a new header?  *looks at his 
data directory*  Oh, look at that.  9 data files on Monday.  Hmm.  Was 
there ever a point where Orca supported column changes mid-stream?

> head -1 data_file | gawk '{for (i=1;i<NF; i++) if 
> ($i~"vxckpt|checkp|verita") print i, $i}'
> will give you the column numbers that you want to exclude. Or this
> gawk '{for (i=1;i<NF;i++) {if (NR==1 && $i~"vxckpt|checkp|verita") 
> np[i]=1; if (np[i]!=1) printf $i" "};print ""}' data_file > new_data_file
> will create a new data file without the columns that you don't want.

Indeed, if the columns don't change for a particular file, the gawk 
becomes almost trivial. :)  Thanks for the feedback -- the perl regexp 
did the trick for future datafiles, and it sounds like the data file 
cleaning will be easier than I first thought.




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