[Orca-users] Executing perl shell (orca) script within perl script: can't find data files

Restless restless7 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 28 06:56:27 PDT 2005

Hello, I'm trying to create a web interface that allows users to enter
their server, year, month, and day and then generate a graph specifically
with that information.  The web page is a simple CGI/perl script.  Here
are the parts that work (after user enters the data):

# Clear old rrd/html/data files out
        system "/webdev/orca/orca-clear;sleep 1" ;
# Copy specific data file to temp orca data directory    
        system "cp
/webdev/orca-test/data/$Server/ ";

These steps work.  This next step, however, gives me the following error:
# Run Orca to create graphs
        system "/webdev/orca-test/bin/orca -o -v
/webdev/orca-test/lib/orcallator.cfg > /tmp/orca-hi" ;

orwell#/web/netscape/cgi-bin> cat /tmp/orca-hi
Orca version 0.28.0 (dev 415) using RRDs version 1.000491 at Mon Jun 27
16:24:14 2005.
Loading state from '/webdev/orca-test/orca.state'.
Creating orca_logo.gif.
Creating rrdtool_logo.gif.
Creating rothschild_image_logo.png.
Finding files and setting up data structures at Mon Jun 27 16:24:14 2005.
Current running time is 0:01 minutes.
/webdev/orca-test/bin/orca: no data files found.  Make sure 'find_files'
parameter is set properly.

HOWEVER, if you run the command above directly (from shell) it works fine:
/webdev/orca-test/bin/orca -o -v /webdev/orca-test/lib/orcallator.cfg

Big question for me is why does the script not work when called as part of
the web page but works manually?  I'm the same user both instances

Here's my find_files entry from orcallator.cfg:

If I can get this simple script working I'd be happy to put the finished
product into the shared folder for others.  Thanks!

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