[Orca-users] Orca not updating

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Tue Jun 28 15:51:46 PDT 2005

For the benefit of the list, I worked with Dale on this off-line, and it 
turned out to be an "orcallator.cfg.lock/" directory lingering around 
from a reboot or similar.  There were no messages because without 
-logfile, orca logs to /dev/null by default. 

Lesson learned: always use a -logfile parameter to orca.


David Michaels wrote:

> Schmitz Dale M Ctr 20 IS/INPG wrote:
>> What's the most common reason for Orca being stuck at a particular 
>> date?  Orcallator runs once an hour like it always has, but as of 
>> April 11^th , it stopped updating the web pages.
> Hmm, well, Orcallator collects data, Orca processes it and makes web 
> pages.  So, even if orcallator is running, you won't get new web pages 
> if orca itself is not running somewhere.
> It's also possible it's updating a different web space, due to a 
> change to orcallator.cfg.
> Could be due to permissions problems, data formatting issues, etc.  
> I'd run orca with a -v or two.  Or look at the output of the orca 
> process (mine is stored in <orcadir>/<hostname>.log, but I did that by 
> tweaking the orca startup script -- yours may be in 'nohup.out' or 
> something?).
> --Dragon

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