[Orca-users] How are you using Orca ?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Wed Jan 18 17:31:49 PST 2006

On Jan 18, 2006, at 1:40 PM, Tankersley, Jon wrote:

> 100's of client machines - Sun, IBM, HP, SGI, Linux, Windows (NT,  
> 2000, 2003), HP Tandem (OSS), etc.
> Data is processed on about 5 different machines - from UltraSparc  
> to V880.
> All running with -o
> Various collections are updated in done in 15 minute or one hour or  
> 4 hour. Most are daily.  Some do not do the create hourly graphs.
> Windows and HP Tandem do NOT use any Orca scripts to gather data,  
> but use tools and use scripts to create percol-format files for Orca.
> Coding modifications in place:
> Ability to keep peak and average in the rrd and graph them - Orca  
> patch (transparent to typical use, .cfg change to implement).   
> Blair will tell you to change the AVG to MAX, this has both in the  
> rrd (which rrdtool supports).
> ASCII copy of the bottom legend built - allows scripting with re- 
> reading the RRD - rrdtool patch
> Threshold lines - Orca patch for horizontal lines.  Needs some work  
> for 'color' definitions.  RRD can have vertical graphs, but this is  
> a MUCH harder issue to deal with.... though it works.
> RRDTool graphs use "Mon dd" instead of "Wk ww" in the longer time- 
> scaled graphs - rrdtool patch
> Customized config files for various other formats
> Customized scripts to look at data in the raw percol files and in  
> the rrd for dashboard reports, etc.


Any interest in getting these custom mods into Orca?  Send them to  
the list and we can get them checked in (after a review, of course).

About the peak and average, we could bump the RRD file format.  This  
would be a rather significant change, as doing so would cause Orca to  
reprocess all the raw data files and I don't know.

With both the AVG and the MAX RRA's, does the RRD module plot both on  
the same plot?  Do you have some plots you can share, either via a  
link or attachment?


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