[Orca-users] How are you using Orca ?

Tankersley, Jon jon.tankersley at eds.com
Wed Jan 18 11:40:20 PST 2006

100's of client machines - Sun, IBM, HP, SGI, Linux, Windows (NT, 2000,
2003), HP Tandem (OSS), etc.
Data is processed on about 5 different machines - from UltraSparc to
All running with -o

Various collections are updated in done in 15 minute or one hour or 4
hour. Most are daily.  Some do not do the create hourly graphs.
Windows and HP Tandem do NOT use any Orca scripts to gather data, but
use tools and use scripts to create percol-format files for Orca. 
Coding modifications in place:
Ability to keep peak and average in the rrd and graph them - Orca patch
(transparent to typical use, .cfg change to implement).  Blair will tell
you to change the AVG to MAX, this has both in the rrd (which rrdtool
ASCII copy of the bottom legend built - allows scripting with re-reading
the RRD - rrdtool patch
Threshold lines - Orca patch for horizontal lines.  Needs some work for
'color' definitions.  RRD can have vertical graphs, but this is a MUCH
harder issue to deal with.... though it works.
RRDTool graphs use "Mon dd" instead of "Wk ww" in the longer time-scaled
graphs - rrdtool patch
Customized config files for various other formats
Customized scripts to look at data in the raw percol files and in the
rrd for dashboard reports, etc.
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