[Orca-users] How are you using Orca ?

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Thu Jan 19 13:33:39 PST 2006

Blair Zajac wrote:

> On Jan 17, 2006, at 12:23 PM, David Michaels wrote:
>> Until my recent upgrade to build 522, there was no trouble running  
>> in this configuration.  Though Orca/orcallator doesn't show the  v210 
>> doing any NFS calls (it must be!), the NFS server's  operational 
>> traffic isn't impacted by the orca-related writes from  all the other 
>> servers.  A few hundred bytes every 5 minutes is  nothing compared to 
>> software builds.
>> However, since I installed 522, the orca daemon seems to have a  
>> memory leak.  It got up to 160MB in a week.  Not a big deal, as I  
>> can just set it up to restart every so often, but still, that's a  
>> new development, I think.  That problem is not related to the  
>> architecture, but it's also something you wouldn't see unless you  
>> run Orca in daemon mode.
> David,
> What was the previous revision of Orca you were running?  There are  
> no significant changes that should cause this behavior.
> Did you upgrade any other pieces, such as rrdtool to 1.2.x, perl, any  
> Perl modules?

Hi, Blair,

Embarrassingly, I was running Orca build 411 before I upgraded to 522.  
When I upgraded to 522, I didn't touch Perl, and I'm using the RRD that 
came with 522.

I just took another look at my memory graphs, and I see now that that 
system was leaking memory since well before the upgrade to 522. Orca 
still might be leaking in daemon mode on this machine, but I think 
there's something else fishy about the box.  My other v210s do show a 
slow memory leak over time, but not nearly to the degree the Orca box 
demonstrates.  BTW, this box (npd-virga) is now running with the 
winallator SourceFile.pm patch I submitted recently -- it's possible 
that's contributing, but it wouldn't account for the leak shown in 
December and earlier (was using straight 411 at that time).

Yearly npd-virga Memory Free

I'll keep an eye on Orca's memory size for a while.  Though sadly, 
npd-virga's SE was stopped on the 10th (probably for the upgrades), and 
I didn't notice 'til today.  *sigh*


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