[Orca-users] SE Toolkit no longer free?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sun Mar 12 19:16:31 PST 2006

James Bouressa wrote:
> According to these two web pages:
> http://www.setoolkit.com/
> http://www.wundermoosen.com/default.aspx?f=1&tab=Linux&nav=abCde&page=setoolkitpr 
> it looks like Rich Pettit will no longer offer SE for free download. 
> He's sold the product to WunderMoosen, who intends to license future 
> vesions for $25 USD per CPU.
> Is there going to be a change in Orca for Solaris in the future, in 
> light of this?
> Anxious in Austin,
> James.


The SE toolkit is now free, including source code.

You can find it at


or at



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