[Orca-users] procallator question

Matthew Boeckman matthewb at saepio.com
Wed May 10 08:33:07 PDT 2006

Hi! This may be more appropriate for the orca-devel list, but I thought 
I'd start here.

Is procallator still being actively developed? I recently tried to use 
it in some x86_64 (AMD64) boxes running 2.6.9-22 (RHEL) and it looks 
like the disk reporting stuff in proc changed, again. I'm also not 
seeing statistics on swap and mem usage getting recorded.

I guess I'm curious if there is an updated procallator someone can point 
me to (using the one provided in orca-0.27)? Anyone else running 
procallator on 2.6?

Matthew Boeckman
Manager - Systems Integration
Saepio Technologies, Inc.

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