[Orca-users] graphic issues with procallator

Edson edsonc.silva at incor.usp.br
Mon Sep 18 13:16:23 PDT 2006

Hi all.

Im setup a fell number of orca servers with procallator in Suse SLES 9.x / 10.x linux box's and it's
works fine, but some graphics dont generate any images, there are:
* Memory Page ins & outs rate
* Physical Memory usage percent

Other graphics has some issues, like break the margins of scale, but this cases generally self fixes
due actualization of data.

Im read the history of list but not find anithyng to help me.

All my settings are default, except by the web path of course.

Thanks for all.

Edson Conceicao da Silva
| Analista de Suporte Tecnico
| Incor - Instituto do Coracao
| Grupo de Suporte - Divisao de Informatica
| Ramal: 5551  E-mail: edsonc.silva at incor.usp.br

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