[Orca-users] graphic issues with procallator

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Mon Sep 18 17:00:09 PDT 2006

Edson wrote:
> Hi all.
> Im setup a fell number of orca servers with procallator in Suse SLES 9.x / 10.x linux box's and it's
> works fine, but some graphics dont generate any images, there are:
> * Memory Page ins & outs rate
> * Physical Memory usage percent

Check the group {} portions of orcallator.cfg for those two images.  
Make sure the "data" lines specify a string that matches the appropriate 
column in the first line of the procallator data file.  You can use 
"head -1 name.of.procallator.data.file" to see the header line.

My guess is that the group {} specification is expecting a certain 
string, but the data file has something slightly (or radically) 
different.  So, from Orca's perspective, the data you're trying to graph 
does not exist, and so it shows no graph.

--Dragon nemo omnibus horis sapit

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