[Orca-users] graphic issues with procallator

Edson edsonc.silva at incor.usp.br
Wed Sep 20 09:51:24 PDT 2006

David Michaels escreveu:
> Edson wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> Im setup a fell number of orca servers with procallator in Suse SLES
>> 9.x / 10.x linux box's and it's
>> works fine, but some graphics dont generate any images, there are:
>> * Memory Page ins & outs rate
>> * Physical Memory usage percent
> Check the group {} portions of orcallator.cfg for those two images. 
> Make sure the "data" lines specify a string that matches the appropriate
> column in the first line of the procallator data file.  You can use
> "head -1 name.of.procallator.data.file" to see the header line.
> My guess is that the group {} specification is expecting a certain
> string, but the data file has something slightly (or radically)
> different.  So, from Orca's perspective, the data you're trying to graph
> does not exist, and so it shows no graph.
> --Dragon nemo omnibus horis sapit
Thanks David.

I check the files, but dont see anything suspect.
Will check again.

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