[Orca-users] Question regarding plotting via orcallator.cfg

William Maniates WManiat at nicor.com
Wed Apr 13 15:00:39 PDT 2011

I am trying to do some averaging of data, specifically disk cache hit % for all of the Parity groups in my array.  It seems like there must be some limit to the amount of math ( or characters  ) that can be processed on a data line in the config file.  Below is what I am trying to, with no results.

data                    RR11 + RR12 + RR13 + RR14 + RR15 + RR16 + RR17 + RR18 + RR19 + RR110 + RR111 + RR112 + RR26 + RR31 + RR32 + RR33 + RR34 + RR35 + RR36 + RR37 + RR38 + RR39 + RR310 + RR311 + RR312 + RR313 + RR314 + RR315 + RR316 / 29 

I get the following error when Itry to load the data:
/usr/local/bin/orca -once /usr/local/lib/orcallator.cfg.new

usr/local/bin/orca: warning: cannot create `/var/www/html/orca1//XP_Cache_gauge_(_RR11___RR12___RR13___RR14___RR15___RR16___RR17___RR18___RR19___RR110___RR111___RR112___RR26___RR31___RR32___RR33___RR34___RR35___RR36___RR37___RR38___RR39___RR310___RR311___RR3-_677KZn4ogELYj4J1Y2M0w-hourly.png': opening '/rrd/orcallator/XP_Cache/gauge_(_RR11_+_RR12_+_RR13_+_RR14_+_RR15_+_RR16_+_RR17_+_RR18_+_RR19_+_RR110_+_RR111_+_RR112_+_RR26_+_RR31_+_RR32_+_RR33_+_RR34_+_RR35_+_RR36_+_RR37_+_RR38_+_RR39_+_RR310_+_RR311_+_RR312_+_RR313_+_RR314_+_RR315_+_RR316_)_per_29.rrOrca19990222': No such file or directory

Any help with this?

Bill Maniates

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