[Orca-dev] Re: revised version of orcallator

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri Jan 3 12:27:36 PST 2003

alegrand at wallace.com wrote:
> Blair,
>         I have not had time to figure out how to use sub version
> yet. (I can't access it through our corporate firewall).  There
> was an error in the raw disk code that matches short names to long
> names.  When it was seaching for the disk slice info.  If two disks
> sd2 and sd24  existed  the code matched sd2 to  sd24.  It has not
> shown up before because it is not a real common error.
> Most system start at sd0 hence it would never occur and for those
> systems that do not have internal disks most do not have enough
> disks to trigger the error.
> Anyway the attached version of orcallator  fixes the problem.
>  <<orcallator.se-1.36b2.txt>>
> Please note that Renaat needed to replace the diskinfo.se  module in the SE
> 3.3 toolkit to get the RAW_DISK code to work (prior to that it core dumped.)
>  <<diskinfo.se>>

[cc'ing orca-dev just so they're in the loop].

Thanks Alan,

I've applied your new orcallator.se commit to the Orca tree in revision
176, creating orcallator.se 1.37.


Can you give me a quick write up of when the modified diskinfo.se should
be applied to somebody's tree?  It looks as if only people with certain
hardware should apply the patch.  I'll put this file into the Orca patches
directory when I get a short description.

Also, which versions of SE is this new diskinfo.se applicable for?


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