[Orca-dev] Orca Rev 194 Updates Submission

Sean O'Neill sean at seanoneill.info
Tue Jan 14 14:50:31 PST 2003

I've tested this on a Solaris 9 12/02 system on an Ultra 5.

Installation went fine except for problem with perl 5.8.0 package from 
Sunfreeware.com causing RRD Perl module grief (or problem with RRD Perl 
module - not sure which).  I had to modify the RRD perl module configure 
script as follows - from this:

         PROBLEMCC=`$PERL -e 'use Config; exit 0 if -x $Config{cc}; map {if 
(-x "$_/$Config{cc}"){exit 0}} split /:/, $ENV{PATH};print $Config{cc}'`
         if test x$PROBLEMCC != x; then

To this:
         PROBLEMCC=`$PERL -e 'use Config; exit 0 if -x $Config{cc}; map {if 
(-x "$_/$Config{cc}"){exit 0}} split /:/, $ENV{PATH};print $Config{cc}'`
         if test x$PROBLEMCC != x; then

The current Perl 5.8.0 package at Sunfreeware has a funky cc= value in a 
perl -V output.  Specifically:

     cc='gcc -B/usr/ccs/bin/', ccflags ='-fno-strict-aliasing 

The -B value in the cc= messes up the configure script for rrdtool.  A perl 
5.8.0 I compiled with gcc on another system doesn't have this cc= value and 
RRD installed fine.  Looks this is related to how the Sunfreeware version 
of Perl was installed.

Update Log:

- Added new lib/SE/3.2.1 and lib/SE/3.3 directories to hold new 
orca_p_vmstat_class.se file.

- orca_p_vmstat_class.se file added which contains definitions of new metrics

- start_orcallator modified to determine installed SE version which is used 
to include the correct version of orca_p_vmstat_class.se file.

- orcallator.cfg modified to graph new metrics

- orcallator.se modified to collect new metrics

- Makefile.in modified to properly create new lib/SE/3.2.1 and lib/SE/3.3 
directories and copy orca_p_vmstat_class.se files during installation

- Constants.pm modified so that the hourly graphs now display 3 hours worth 
of data rather then the default 1.5 hours.

- New metrics include:

   pgrec/s - page reclaims (include pageout)
   pgfrec/s - page reclaims from free list
   pgin/s - pageins
   pages_in/s - pages paged in
   pgout/s - pageouts
   pages_out/s - pages paged out
   dfree/s - pages freed by daemon or auto
   min_fault/s - minor page faults
                (pvm.hat_fault + pvm.as_fault)
   maj_fault/s - major page faults
   prot_fault/s - protection faults
   cow_fault/s - copy-on-write faults
   zfod/s - zero-fill-on-demand faults
   interrupts/s - interrupts including clock
   intrthreads/s - interrupts as threads
                  (below clock)
   invol_switches/s - involuntary context switches
   namei/s - pathname lookups
   ufsiget/s - ufs_iget() calls
   ufsdirblk/s - directory blocks read
   ufsinopage/s - inodes taken with no attached

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Sean O'Neill 
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