[Orca-dev] autogen.sh and INSTALL doc

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Jan 14 15:21:34 PST 2003

Sean O'Neill wrote:
> Hey Blair,
> Shouldn't the INSTALL doc have a reference to running the autogen.sh script
> ?  The HACKING doc does but I would think most people are going to read
> INSTALL before they look at HACKING.

Hey Sean,

Packaged versions of Orca will have the following steps run to
generate a tar.gz:

rm autogen.sh
cd ..
tar cvf - orca-X.YY | gzip -v -9 > orca-X.YY.tar.gz

Installing Orca shouldn't require the autoconf and associated
scripts to generate the configure file.

For this reason, I'm leaving it out of the INSTALL file, but it's
still in the HACKINg file.


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