[Orca-dev] Subversion server upgraded to 0.31.0

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Wed Oct 8 18:03:43 PDT 2003


I've upgraded the OrcaWare Subversion server to the official 0.31.0

While you may be able to communicate with the new server with an older
Subversion release, the Subversion development team only guarantees that
Subversion client versions 0.30.x, 0.31.x and 0.32.x will work with it.

Below is what's new in this version compared to the previously installed
0.30.0 server.

Version 0.31.0 (released 08 October 2003, revision 7355)

 User-visible changes:
 * new 'svnlook history' command (and removal of 'svnadmin lscr').
 * new 'auto-props' feature can set file properties during 'svn add/import'
 * win32 client now properly converts UTF8 to console-locale. (r7168, #872)
 * 'svn up' now notices when svn:externals value changes. (r7256, #1519)
 * authentication changes:
     - client caches auth-creds in memory for a single session (r7292, #1526)
     - SSL cert caches keyed on host+port, not any SSL connection. (r7174)
 * faster 'svn log' (see new fs-history algorithm) (#1499)
 * faster repos read-operations (caching gives ~20% speedup) (rXXXX, #1499)
 * faster updates (fewer entries-file writes gives ~20% speedup) (r7170, #1490)
 * more work on psvn.el and svn_load_dirs.pl
 * more cvs2svn bugfixes
 * obsolete manpages truncated to point to 'help' and book URLs. (r7340, #1508)
 * other bugfixes:  no more revision keywords "FIRST" or "CHANGED" (r7250),
   fix 'svn cp URL URL' $EDITOR msg generation (r7264), fix regression
   bug in 'svnadmin load' (r7273), 'svnadmin setlog' now triggers
   repository hooks (r7322), 'svn cp -rHEAD wc' now works correctly (r7331),
   post-commit-hook failures correctly ignored by client (r7342, #906)

 Developer-visible changes:
 * tons of filesystem improvements (#1499):
     - new fast fs-history algorithm: allows stable VR urls (r7283, #1499)
     - new dag-node caching (r7163)
     - skip-deltas now run in individual trails (r7138)
     - no-op svn_fs_copy()s don't write to the database (r7158)
 * mod_dav_svn MERGE response is faster (using svn_repos_replay()) (r7191)
 * ensure consistent wc 'dead entry' cleanup (r7197, r7204, #1075)
 * lots of work on gen_win.py, gen_make.py, gen_base.py tools
 * lots of work on making SWIG-java bindings build.
 * updates/improvements to javahl bindings and SWIG-perl bindings
 * updates/improvements to Mandrake RPM builds
 * other bugfixes:  python testsuite now uses local path separators (r7224),
   svn:externals no longer keeps connections open (r7312, #1448),
   UTF8-to-local date conversion (r7316, #1534), API consistification 
   changes (r7298, r7302, r7304, r7307).


Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
Plots of your system's performance - http://www.orcaware.com/orca/

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