[Orca-dev] date_parse bug?

Gerry Paterson g.w.paterson at abdn.ac.uk
Thu Oct 16 08:31:26 PDT 2003

I was trying to use the date_parse option in a config file but was not really
getting anywhere.  After a bit of investigation this seemed to be due to a line
in lib/Orca/Config.pm

    # Check that the date_source is either column_name followed by a
    # column name or file_mtime for the file modification time.  If a
    # column_name is used, then compile the data_parse subroutine if
    # it exists.
    my $date_source = $group->{date_source}[0];
#    $group->{date_parse} = 0;
    if ($date_source eq 'column_name') {

Commenting out the line $group->{date_parse} = 0; seems to have solved this but
was wondering if there was a reason for it.


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