[Orca-dev] Subversion server upgraded to 0.32.1

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Oct 23 16:06:19 PDT 2003


I've upgraded the OrcaWare Subversion server to the official 0.32.1

While you may be able to communicate with the new server with an older
Subversion release, the Subversion development team only guarantees that
Subversion client versions 0.31.x, 0.32.x and 0.33.x will work with it.
In fact, this version of the Subversion server will not work with
Subversion clients older than 0.28.0.

Below is what's new in this version compared to the previously installed
0.31.0 server.

Version 0.32.1 (released 23 October 2003, revision 7497)

 NOTICE: This release is to correct for the problems in the 0.32.0
         release.  There are no user or developer changes in this release
         other than the subversion/include/svn_version.h now reflects
         the correct version number.

 NOTICE: This release of Subversion causes an ra_dav client/server
         compatibility break with Subversions older than 0.28.0.

Version 0.32.0 (released 22 October 2003, revision 7480)

 NOTICE: This release of Subversion causes an ra_dav client/server
         compatibility break with Subversions older than 0.28.0.

 User-visible changes:
 * new 'svn blame' subcommand. (r7389, 7438, #508)
 * fix huge ra_dav 'svn import' memory leak. (r7381)
 * other bugfixes: proper line endings in diff headers (r7450, #1533),
   stop auto-props from removing all whitespace (r7358), 'svn st' UI
   consistency fix (r7364), various 'svn switch' fixes (r7366),
   mini-manpages for svnadmin, svnserve, svnversion (r7421), remove
   'P' field from 'svn ls -v' (r7432), 'svn merge' double-notification
   bug (r7447), prevent 'svn:externals' infinite loop (r7459), 'svn
   merge' segfault (r7458).

 Developer-visible changes:
 * 'svn diff' is now reasonably streamy. (r7393, 7439, #1481)
 * fix many ra_dav pool abuses. (r7370-3, 7380, 7368, 7400, ...)
 * fix mini leaks:  clear unused svn_error_t's. (r7378-9, 7405, 7408, 7429)
 * tons of code, doc, API cleanup. (from julianfoad!)
 * new RA->get_repos_root() API. (r7428)
 * swig/python, swig/perl and native JNI updates and improvements.
 * more work on build depenedency generator. (r7412-8)
 * svn_repos_finish_report() now aborts txns on error. (r7424)
 * remove crufty old ra_dav compatibility code (r7466, 7468)
 * other changes: new SVN_DEBUG_ERROR tool macro, new 'davautocheck'
   and 'contrib' makefile targets, new --enable-gprof configure option
   (r7437), new scramble-tree.py testing tool, auth provider
   reorganization, make RA->get_dir fetch props correctly over ra_dav
   (r7431), notice permission error when creating unique tmpfile (r7434).


Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
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