[Orca-users] Half my rrds are missing

Elizabeth Jones bajones at SKY.NET
Thu Aug 30 13:57:36 PDT 2001

Hi - I searched around the archives for this problem but
I can't find this specific problem.  I just installed orca
on a new set of SUN servers that are all running solaris 8.
When I run orca, only about half of the rrd files are
generated, so I end up with web pages in which half the
graphs have no data.  The problem appears to be at the
percol* file level, which I think means that orcallator.se
isn't collecting this information?  Does anyone have any
pointers on how I can figure out why this data isn't
being collected?  some of it is what I would consider very
basic information, such as memory usage.

thanks -

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