[Orca-users] Consolidated reports for upper management.

kevin at kelman.com kevin at kelman.com
Fri Aug 31 07:01:40 PDT 2001

The boss has committed me to produce consolidated graphs of various
ORCA tracked data...  So I was wondering if anyone has already build
the required scripts to do this.

A specific example would be to take the yearly CPU utilization data
from a subset of tracked hosts (say our 10 E420's) and produce a
single average yearly CPU utilization graph.

I envision a script that would accept a list of hostnames and the
parameter to be averaged as arguments.

Anyone have such a script laying around?

--  We're a small seismic processing shop in Houston and have been
using ORCA for over a year now.  I've got it setup as independent
collection nodes with a central server that rsyncs the data in and
graphs it every half hour.  I've got around 25 hosts being monitored
at this site and another 50 or so at head office.

-- Kevin Lenz
   Senior Systems Administrator
   Kevin at Kelman.com

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