[Orca-users] Re: Orca - monitoring multiple machines

Steve Gilbert gilbert at cs.utk.edu
Thu May 3 00:06:21 PDT 2001

> How exactly can I monitor multiple machines? I currently have
> everything running on serverX, ie; all html, logs and rrds run
> locally. How do I add to monitor serverY and serverZ and so on?  What
> do I specify in serverY?
> - do I specify the html dir, rrd dir and orcallator dir to be the
> dirs in serverX? (nfs mounted)
> - do I run start_orcallator in serverY?
> - do I need to modify anything on serverX?

You need to run orcallator.se on all your target machines.  You don't
need the full Orca package, just the orcallator script (and you will need
to have SE installed, of course).  Then, you will need a mechanism to
pull your percol-* files over to your Orca server.  Each host will have
its own dir under /usr/local/orca/var/orca/orcallator.  Most people have
written shell scripts that utilize rsync to pull the data files over to
the Orca server.  When the percol-* files are in place properly, Orca
will just do the right thing.

Steve Gilbert
gilbert at cs.utk.edu

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