[Orca-users] Re: Orca - monitoring multiple machines

Blair Zajac blair at gps.caltech.edu
Thu May 10 18:31:38 PDT 2001


To monitor another machine you will need to run start_orcallator on
serverY and make sure the output files are copied over to serverX.
Make sure that serverX and serverY's files are in separate
directories.  Also, use the file matching in Orca's configuration
file to use the directory name to plot the data files properly.

See orcallator.cfg.in for more detail.


whertanu at yahoo.com wrote:
> Hi all,
> How exactly can I monitor multiple machines? I currently have
> everything running on serverX, ie; all html, logs and rrds run
> locally. How do I add to monitor serverY and serverZ and so on?  What
> do I specify in serverY?
> - do I specify the html dir, rrd dir and orcallator dir to be the
> dirs in serverX? (nfs mounted)
> - do I run start_orcallator in serverY?
> - do I need to modify anything on serverX?
> Thanks for any input.
> WH
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