[Orca-users] Re: picking up the right C compiler

Blair Zajac blair at gps.caltech.edu
Thu May 24 09:11:45 PDT 2001

When you type "perl Makefile.PL" it uses by default the same compiler
that was used to compile Perl, which was probably cc.

You can type

perl -V

and look for the string "cc=".  For my Perl it shows "cc=gcc".

You may be able to change this by doing something like

env CC=gcc ./configure .....

env CC=gcc make

when configuring and compiling Orca and its sub packages.  If you
are unhappy about this, you can also recompile Perl itself with gcc.


ppchu99 at yahoo.com wrote:
> During the compiling of the subpackages on some machines I had, the
> make process picks up the wrong C compiler (cc), even though I had gcc
> installed. I understand the makefile is generated by typing "perl
> Makefile.PL ".
> I don't know why the makefile it generates uses "cc" not
> "gcc"..anybody has any ideas ??
> thx
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