[Orca-users] Re: How to customize the time axis (x-axis)?

simon.klyne at arcordia.com simon.klyne at arcordia.com
Thu May 24 09:30:34 PDT 2001


I use Orca for graphing all sorts of measurements of our system and produce
a daily report on it's own web page.
I acheive this by using rrdtool directly on the RRD files created by Orca.
Here is a fragment of shell script ( bourne/korn ) that produces a PNG
graph and the line of html to paste into a web page to pick up the graph:

  ${bindir1}/rrdtool graph ${graph_dir}/${date_fnam_str}Proc_fail_time_series.png \
    --end "${year}${month}${day} ${hour}:${mins}" \
    --start end-4weeks \
    --imginfo "<IMG SRC=\"${web_graph_dir}/%s\" WIDTH=\"%lu\" HEIGHT=\"%lu\" ALT=\"Process Restarts last 4 weeks\">" \
    --height $height --width $width \
    --vertical-label 'Process Restart Count' \
    --title "Automatic Process Restarts for 4 weeks to $title_date_str" \
    "DEF:A=${OrcaDir}/${Proc_fail}/STS/Proc_fail_GCT.rrd:Orca19990222:AVERAGE" \
    "DEF:B=${OrcaDir}/${Proc_fail}/STS/Proc_fail_NM.rrd:Orca19990222:AVERAGE" \
    "DEF:C=${OrcaDir}/${Proc_fail}/STS/Proc_fail_QM.rrd:Orca19990222:AVERAGE" \
    "DEF:D=${OrcaDir}/${Proc_fail}/STS/Proc_fail_SM.rrd:Orca19990222:AVERAGE" \
    'AREA:A#A6A6AA:GCT' \
    'STACK:B#6A5ACD:NM' \
    'STACK:C#4169E1:QM' \
    'STACK:D#40E0D0:SM' \
    "COMMENT:\s" \
    "COMMENT:\s" \
    "COMMENT:\s" \
    "COMMENT:$date_str" | \
      grep IMG > $Proc_fail_TS_html

For me this was the best approach since I still wanted the underlying Orca pages to be relect the latest status.


ppchu99 at yahoo.com on 24/05/2001 17:07:22

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Could you be a bit more specific on this subject, since I am new to
this ??

I understand the part of the change is on lib/Orca/ImageFile.pm

The segment of the code is:

# Create the options for RRDs::graph that do not change across any
  # invocations of RRDs::graph.
  my @options = (
    '-v', ::replace_subgroup_name($plot_ref->{y_legend},
    '-b', $plot_ref->{base}


--- In orca-discuss at y..., Blair Zajac <blair at a...> wrote:
> Hello,
> While RRDtool can be specified to plot a specific time span using
> the -e and -s command line options (see the rrdgraph and rrdfetch
> manual pages) Orca is not currently designed to pass these options
> to RRDtool.
> If you wanted to, you could edit lib/Orca/ImageFile.pm and add the
> -e and -s rrdgraph options to @options.  Look at the rrdfetch manual
> page for hints on getting the 3pm to 5pm time span.
> I'd be interested in seeing what changes you need to make this
> and the specific arguments to -e and -s to get the consistent 3pm
> 5pm times.
> Regards,
> Blair
> Cindy_Liu at i... wrote:
> >
> > Hello there,
> >
> > How can I customize the time axis so that I can see report for a
> > certain defined period, say from 3pm to 5pm?
> >
> > Thanks,

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