[Orca-users] Re: number of columns .... does not match column description.

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Mon Jun 17 18:31:01 PDT 2002

Leewa wrote:
> Hi all,
> Below is a brief description of the configuration I'm
> running along with a description of the error messages
> I'm getting.
> Orca Server
> -----------
> Ultra 5 running Solaris 8
> orca-0.27b2.tar.gz
> orcallator.cfg-1.32.txt
> orcallator.se-1.32.txt
> -RDD files stored on local disk on Orca server.
> -HTML files on nfs mounted disk from a Linux Apache
> Web Server.
> (/nfs/docs/web/techsrv/solaris/orca/html_dir/
> -ORCALLATOR files on nfs mounted disk from same Linux
> Apache Web server.
> (/nfs/docs/web/techsrv/solaris/orca/orcallator_dir/
> Sun Clients (Only 2 so far.  Will be more later.)
> -------------------------------------------------
> All running Solairs 8 and SE Toolkit 3.2.1
> All clients write ORCALLATOR files to
> /nfs/docs/web/techsrv/solaris/orca/orcallator_dir/'HOSTNAME'/
> I'm getting messages similar to the one below
> periodically from the cron process on the Orca server.
> There isn't a fixed time that these messages occur
> and they come from all SE clients. The line number is
> different with each message and I have noticed that
> some of the graphs have gaps that are not filled in.
> Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this problem?
> Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in
> advance.
> "/usr/local/bin/orca: number of columns in line 193 of
> `/nfs/web/docs/techsrv/solaris/orca/orcallator_dir/hac331/orcallator-2002-06-17-000'
> does not match column description."

>From the Orca FAQ:

  2.1) Number of columns in line '1,2,3.....' of
       ../orcallator/...../percol-2000-09-26 does not match column

       When Orca sees a line in an input data file that does not have
       the same number of columns as defined at the top of the file
       when column_description is `first_line' or does not match the
       column_description, then Orca will complain and ignore the
       line.  Additionally, Orca will not record the data from this
       line in the RRD files and no data will be plotted.

       If this happens when using orcallator.se, then it will happen
       for orcallator.se versions 1.28b6 or older when hardware, mount
       points, network interfaces, etc. are added or removed from the
       system and orcallator.se outputs a different number of columns.

       To work around this problem, upgrade to version 1.32 or later
       of orcallator.se and orcallator.cfg at


       which now create new output data file any time the number of
       columns or a name of a column changes so that Orca will not
       complain and all of your data will be plotted.


Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
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