[Orca-users] Procallator on RH9.0 and RH7.3

Charles Denentt dennett at rochester.rr.com
Mon Aug 4 10:30:22 PDT 2003

> Hi all,
> I'm newbie to Orca...
> Just can't wait to see it working on my machines...
> Have installed it on RH9.0 and RH7.3...
> To discover that I need a collector as well... :-)
> Where can I find a collector for my machines ?
> I guess procallator - where can I get it ?
> How do I configure it to work with the already installed Orca ?
> Any documents out there for newbies wishing to install Orca on Linux ?
> Thanks,

The procallator script is in the contrib directory, I believe.  I've got it 
running on my home server.  Check out http://www.dennett.org/orca/procallator.
I'm running RH9.  I've used Orca on Solaris systems for a while now so
am familiar with it.  The install could not be easier.  Follow the
instuction for installing it and all should be well.  It comes with the extra
perl modules and installs them if you don't have them.  The you run the
data collection process (procallator in this case) on any machine you want to
collect data for.  I start mine from a boot time script in /etc/init.d
and it runs all the time.  Then, you pick one machine where you will actually
run orca.  This will take the data files from the other machines, process
the data, store it in teh RRD files, geterate the web pages and the charts.
Usually the hardest part is figuring out how to get the data from the
client machines to the one running orca.  If you use NFS, it's pretty easy.
I've heard of others that use rsync.  In a previous job, I even had cronjobs
that used ftp to fetch the files.  (Yuch!  Ugly!  Not recommended!)

if I recall, I did have to make one change to the orcallator.cfg file (that's
the one that tells orca where to find the datafiles, and how to construct
the graphs).  I think I had to change the find-files line so it correctly
found the procallator data files.  It was designed to work with the Solaris
orcallator and looked for those files.  The names were slightly different
that the one procallator created.

Hope this gets you started.  Good luck!


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