[Orca-users] Procallator on RH9.0 and RH7.3

y Yahel at netvision.net.il
Mon Aug 4 12:55:55 PDT 2003

Thanks Charlie...

All sound fairly simple - also rsync is easy for me...
But where do I find the procallator script - still can't find it...
Not to mention install instructions...

Anyone has it ...



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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm newbie to Orca...
> > Just can't wait to see it working on my machines...
> > Have installed it on RH9.0 and RH7.3...
> >
> > To discover that I need a collector as well... :-)
> >
> > Where can I find a collector for my machines ?
> > I guess procallator - where can I get it ?
> > How do I configure it to work with the already installed Orca ?
> >
> > Any documents out there for newbies wishing to install Orca on Linux ?
> >
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> The procallator script is in the contrib directory, I believe.  I've got
> running on my home server.  Check out
> I'm running RH9.  I've used Orca on Solaris systems for a while now so
> am familiar with it.  The install could not be easier.  Follow the
> instuction for installing it and all should be well.  It comes with the
> perl modules and installs them if you don't have them.  The you run the
> data collection process (procallator in this case) on any machine you want
> collect data for.  I start mine from a boot time script in /etc/init.d
> and it runs all the time.  Then, you pick one machine where you will
> run orca.  This will take the data files from the other machines, process
> the data, store it in teh RRD files, geterate the web pages and the
> Usually the hardest part is figuring out how to get the data from the
> client machines to the one running orca.  If you use NFS, it's pretty
> I've heard of others that use rsync.  In a previous job, I even had
> that used ftp to fetch the files.  (Yuch!  Ugly!  Not recommended!)
> if I recall, I did have to make one change to the orcallator.cfg file
> the one that tells orca where to find the datafiles, and how to construct
> the graphs).  I think I had to change the find-files line so it correctly
> found the procallator data files.  It was designed to work with the
> orcallator and looked for those files.  The names were slightly different
> that the one procallator created.
> Hope this gets you started.  Good luck!
> Charlie
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