[Orca-users] Orca for AIX

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Tue Apr 6 10:25:01 PDT 2004

Rajesh --

I've tried out your scripts, and they seem to work pretty well, but 
there's a few things I'm seeing that don't look right, and I'm curious 
if you get different results on your machines.  It could be an AIX 
version issue.  We're running 5.1 here.

    o Network statistics (packets/second, bits/second, errors/second) 
are all zero on the graphs.  I compared your scripts data output to 
those from a Sun host, and it seems that the Sun data records the number 
of packets/errors/bits since the previous record entry, while yours 
reports the total number of packets/errors/bits since the counters were 
last zero'ed.  Evidently, Orca doesn't like those numbers, so the graphs 
it produces are all data-less.  The orcallator.cfg files you attached 
had the network portions commented out, so I used the one from the Sun 
orcallator.cfg file, that specifies a min data of 0 and a max of 
whatever--the rest is the same, though, so the lack of data showing up 
on the graph I conclude has to do with the way the data is represented 
as total rather than delta.
    o The "Disk System Wide Transfer Rate" has the same problem, but 
data shows up on that graph -- it reports total, not per-second, so the 
number keeps climbing (presently, mine is at 1.4 Terabytes -- I think my 
customer would like to see that data rate, but I don't think my disks 
are quite that fast ;).
    o The username/password for the dsmadmc command should probably be 
put into a configurable parameter, since it shows up 3 times in the 
file, and I don't think there's a standard view-only username/password 
to use.
    o the 'query mount' command on my system returns an error "No match 
found using this criteria."  I'm not familiar with TSM, so I'm not sure 
if this just means I have no mounts configured to query, or if it's an 
error in the query string itself, or what.  Is this a benign error, or 
is it a problem?



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