[Orca-users] URL problems with certain graphs?

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Mon Aug 9 13:02:25 PDT 2004

Joel D. Cohen wrote:

> I'm sure it has to do with the file name, but how can I fix it? I can 
> browse to those files by manually searching that directory for images, 
> but that's not really acceptable. I'm using Apache 2.0.49 with 
> mod_jk2/2.0.2 and PHP/4.3.7 (it's a multipurpose web server)
> My orcallator.cfg is where this is getting generated, no?
> plot {
> title                   %g Disk Run Percent
> source                  orcallator
> data                    
> disk_runp_((?:c\d+t\d+d\d+)|(?:c\d+d\d+)|(?:[ms]d\d+)|(?:c\d+t([A-Z0-9]{32})d\d+))
> line_type               line2
> legend                  $1
> y_legend                Run Percent
> data_min                0
> data_max                100
> plot_min                0
> href                    
> http://www.orcaware.com/orca/docs/orcallator.html#disk_r
> un_percent
> }
> This is the default from my build of Orca.

Oh, I thought you were using "volatile".  My mistake.

I just looked through some of my /old/ Orca files, before I started 
using Volatile stuff, and it looks like I actually had the same problem, 
judging from the old html files, although I honestly don't remember 
encountering it before.

I think Jon's got the right idea -- start from a clean slate.

For the record, here's what my current disk plot config looks like.  
Note that I have the patches for using "volatile" applied:

plot {
title                   %g Disk Run Percent Internal Disks
source                  orcallator
data                    disk_runp_((?:c2t\d+d\d+))
line_type               line2
legend                  $1
y_legend                Run Percent
data_min                0
data_max                100
plot_min                0
volatile                disk_runp_internals

this generates an html page called 
"o_host-name_gauge_disk_runp_internals.html", with references to 
"./hostname/o_hostname_gauge_disk_runp_internals-hourly.png", and the 
like.  No ()[]\ stuff.

Note, in my circumstance, all my 'internal disks' got tagged as being on 



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