[Orca-users] No html graphs

David Devault DDevault at Elance.com
Wed Aug 11 11:49:38 PDT 2004

This is great documentation information.

   1 system crunching data (generating graphs) for many systems

Did you have to make any specific change to make orca work in your environment?

How does the data get to your cruncher system?

I have the same scenario, I too run a single system to crunch data from multiple hosts.

I use rsync to get my data.

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Orca User wrote:

> I need help generating the actual graphs. I've installed and 
> configured orca and SE toolkit on solaris8. I can see the data being 
> collected, but I don't see the html files being generated.  Do I need 
> to install anything separately to generate the html graphs? I 
> currently have the orcallator.se process running.  Thanks in advance.

Orca User --

First, let me say that you have an auspicious name.

Second, your "orcallator.se" process is what collects the data.  
However, you need to run a separate process to munch the data and spit 
out HTML happiness.  In your orca/bin directory, there should be a 
script called "orca".  It is a Perl script.  I run mine via a wrapper 
bourne-shell script that there's a copy of in /etc/rc3.d/S90orca, so 
that the data-cruncher starts up whenever that machine reboots.  Here's 
the process as it is running:

/usr/bin/perl -w /usr/orca/bin/orca -daemon -logfile 
/npd/dmichael/orca/orca.out \

You probably don't want to run your data cruncher on the same machine as 
you're monitoring.  I run my cruncher on a Sun Blade 150, with 512MB of 
RAM.  It crunches data generated from about 9 or 10 machines, and has a 
sustained load-average of about 0.16, with the orca perl script using up 
about 2% of the CPU, with occasional spikes, especially when you first 
start it.


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