[Orca-users] AIX monitors for Orca

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Thu Aug 19 09:50:01 PDT 2004

Rajesh and company made the AIX orcallator perl scripts, and I've since 
cleaned them up and done some verification on them.  I think Rajesh's 
scripts are in the current Orca snapshot, but I need to bet Blair my 
updates (I'm unable to do the svn dance from work).

However, none of these things, including current orcallators for Solaris 
and others, track individual processes, to my knowledge.

I have modified my Solaris install to track ClearCase view_server 
processes, as that's been an on-going problem on one of our Suns (they 
keep growing in number, and never reduce in number).  But that's merely 
a count, not a memory breakdown.

I suppose it wouldn't be difficult to tweak the existing orcallators for 
AIX to track memory utilization of processes, but it would result in an 
enormous number of data columns to crunch (one column per process).  
Unless by "specific processes" you mean "only processes that match a 
certain string"?

I've attached my current rev of orca-aixtsm-stat.pl -- Blair, if you 
could please incorporate this into the current snapshot, wherever you 
deem necessary, that would be great.  It needs to be ./configure-ized 
still, though, which I hope to do soon.

PS - the diff was 600+ lines, so I figured I'd just attach the whole 
script instead.

Strickland, Lawrence P wrote:

>I am looking for more up to date Orca monitors for AIX. For instance I would like to track the memory utilization of
>specific processes. Does anyone have anything good for AIX ?
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