[Orca-users] AIX monitors for Orca

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Aug 19 10:14:45 PDT 2004

David Michaels wrote:

> Rajesh and company made the AIX orcallator perl scripts, and I've 
> since cleaned them up and done some verification on them.  I think 
> Rajesh's scripts are in the current Orca snapshot, but I need to bet 
> Blair my updates (I'm unable to do the svn dance from work).
> However, none of these things, including current orcallators for 
> Solaris and others, track individual processes, to my knowledge.
> I have modified my Solaris install to track ClearCase view_server 
> processes, as that's been an on-going problem on one of our Suns (they 
> keep growing in number, and never reduce in number).  But that's 
> merely a count, not a memory breakdown.
> I suppose it wouldn't be difficult to tweak the existing orcallators 
> for AIX to track memory utilization of processes, but it would result 
> in an enormous number of data columns to crunch (one column per 
> process).  Unless by "specific processes" you mean "only processes 
> that match a certain string"?
> I've attached my current rev of orca-aixtsm-stat.pl -- Blair, if you 
> could please incorporate this into the current snapshot, wherever you 
> deem necessary, that would be great.  It needs to be ./configure-ized 
> still, though, which I hope to do soon.

Hi David,

Shoot.  I did a massive cleanup of this script to make it use better 
perl style.  Now that the code is in subversion, people working on 
modifications should put them selves on the orca-checkins mailing list 
so that they see when a change has been made that they can incorporate 
into their own version.


One change, for example, instead of using

unless ( -d $out_dir ) {
    system( "mkdir", "-p", "$out_dir" );

I use

unless (-d $out_dir) {
    mkdir($out_dir, 0755)
        or die "$0: cannot mkdir '$out_dir': $!\n";

since Perl has mkdir.

So I don't want to just copy this new version in.

Could you do a diff between the previous version and this version and 
see if you could apply the changes to the current version in svn?

I know you don't have svn access, but can you still download it from 
this URL?



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