[Orca-users] AIX monitors for Orca

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Mon Aug 23 11:20:19 PDT 2004

I've looked at the data files that nmon spits out.  They're definitely 
designed for spreadsheet processing -- parsing through them to generate 
orcallated data using perl and/or unix toolkits is going to be a bear.  
They're also /enormous/ data files, by comparison.  I think the aix 
orcallator that Rajesh contributed a few months ago that we've been 
tweaking is going to be more productive, and will ultimately represent 
the same data.  Also, I think nmon requires a lot more overhead than a 
perl script would -- I don't think it's designed to run 24x7 as SOP, but 
rather, to be run during specific intervals while you're trying to fix 
an already-identified performance problem.

Rajesh - do you know whether nmon is part of the standard AIX OS 
install, or is it a separate (cost? free?) product that must be 
specifically installed by the user for monitoring purposes?


Blair Zajac wrote:

> Rajesh Verma wrote:
>> Blair,
>> Did you receive the 2 files I sent you. If you can use the data and
>> create the graph using orca, that would be great.
>> Please let us know if you need more data to work on.
>> -Rajesh
> Hi Rajesh,
> You mean the 18 Mbyte email?  Yes, I got the files.
> I won't have any time to work on the AIX data gatherer integration 
> with Orca, so if an AIX user wants to work on this, let me know.
> Regards,
> Blair
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