[Orca-users] winallator oddness

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Mon Aug 30 21:46:39 PDT 2004

Rajesh Verma wrote:

> I am getting this error..
> [root at matrix bin]# /opt/orcaWin/bin/orcaWin -once
> /opt/orcaWin/lib/winallator.cfg
> /opt/orcaWin/bin/orcaWin: error: `require' second argument `0.28.0' is
> not a number in `/opt/orcaWin/lib/winallator.cfg'.
> /opt/orcaWin/bin/orcaWin: loading configuration file
> `/opt/orcaWin/lib/winallator.cfg' got 1 error(s).
> -Rajesh<o:p>

It looks like you used a newer Orca configuration file with an older Orca 
version.  Newer versions of Orca use the 'version' to compare versions numbers 
of Orca with the required version number.  Previous versions used floating point 
numbers, which can't deal with the numbers with multiple periods in them.

Get a newer Orca snapshot and it should work fine.


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