[Orca-users] orca stops running

Dean Thompson dnt07 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 27 05:53:29 PDT 2010

HI there

I have had this problem for a while and been working to try and figure it out 
but to no avail. After running "start_orcallator" I see that a pid file is 
created and then I wait for it to start creating the other orca files 
(orcallator-2009-10-22-001 for example). This does not happen though. When I do 
a ps -ef |grep -i orca:

-bash-3.00$ ps -ef |grep -i orca
    orca 22703 22646   0 11:14:25 pts/4       0:00 grep -i orca
    orca 22684     1   3 11:14:05 pts/4       0:15 
/opt/RICHPse/libexec/se.sparcv9 -DWATCH_OS -I/usr/local/lib/SE/3.5.0 /usr/local
    orca 22646 22527   0 11:13:46 pts/4       0:00 -bash
    orca 22702 22646   0 11:14:25 pts/4       0:00 ps -ef

After a minute or so that process does not appear anymore, i.e. it stopped. In 
trying to see why it stopped I ran the following commands and got the error;

-bash-3.00$ /opt/RICHPse/libexec/se.sparcv9 -DWATCH_OS -I/usr/local/lib/SE/3.5.0 
Warning: Cannot init kvm: Permission denied
/usr/local/lib/orcallator.se: too many columns (2048).  Increase MAX_COLUMNS

How can I correct this in order to finally get orca running on this machine? 
It's a SPARC machine running Solaris 10.

Kind regards


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