[Orca-dev] Why does orcallator.se use local time?

Bruce Johnson bjohnson at mail.photonet.com
Wed May 31 12:17:27 PDT 2000

We have systems scattered through several timezones and countries. 
I've been collecting the output of orcallator.se by pulling it in from
the central site where Orca runs.  I had to develop a scheme to take
into account the time difference so I'd know when the date changed at
the remote site.  This worked well until April, when our time changed
and Israel's didn't for a few weeks.  This got me thinking, which is a
dangerous thing:

Why not have orcallator.se name its files based on GMT?  Then it
doesn't matter where in the world the remote system is; if the system
clock is accurate, the file name can be determined and the file can be

I'm planning on taking a shot to make this modification to
orcallator.se myself.  If anyone is interested, I'll be happy to

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