[Orca-dev] Re: revised version of orcallator

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri Jan 3 12:42:42 PST 2003

alegrand at wallace.com wrote:
> Blair,
>         The modified version of diskinfo.se is specifically for SE3.3 (the
> one which supports Solaris 9). I am not sure what Rich Petit changed when he
> released this but without the modified code none of the short disks names
> appear in the array the raw disk code uses to map short names to long names.
> Alan

[cc-ing orca-dev]


So it's needed on all Solaris 9 hosts, regardless of the types
of locally attached disks?  Or is this only needed if you have
particular disks on your system?

I'm asking because there have been very few reports of any issues
with orcallator.se on Solaris 9.


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