[Orca-dev] Re: revised version of orcallator

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri Jan 3 14:10:08 PST 2003

alegrand at wallace.com wrote:
> Call Me Confused,
> Renaat's config was Solaris 8,  DiskSuite 4.2.1 and SE3.3 and he needed it.
> If people have been using ocallator.se with out the diskinfo.se patch on
> Solaris 9 then I guess it does not need it.  All of my systems at work are
> running Solaris 6, 7, (SE 3.1) and 8 with SE 3.2 they work fine.
> The SE3.3 release is the first that supports 9 (it also supports 7 & 8) I
> would guess that SE on 7 & 8 need the patch and that Solaris 9 does not.
> Alan


[Could you cc orca-dev please in your replies???]

I just tried SE 3.3 on Solaris 8 with orcallator.se 1.37 without the
updated diskinfo.se and it didn't crash.

Is the new diskinfo.se supposed to fix a core dump?  What is the
expected behavior before and after the diskinfo.se patch?


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