[Orca-dev] Re: [Orca-checkins] rev 197 - in trunk/orca: lib lib/SE lib/SE/3.2.1 lib/SE/3.3data_gatherers/orcallator

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sun Jan 19 20:37:20 PST 2003

sean at seanoneill.info wrote:
> Author: sean at seanoneill.info
> Date: 2003-01-19 20:24:17 -0800 (Sun, 19 Jan 2003)
> New Revision: 197
> Added:
>    trunk/orca/lib/SE/
>    trunk/orca/lib/SE/3.2.1/
>    trunk/orca/lib/SE/3.2.1/orca_p_vmstat_class.se
>    trunk/orca/lib/SE/3.3/
>    trunk/orca/lib/SE/3.3/orca_p_vmstat_class.se
> Modified:
>    trunk/orca/data_gatherers/orcallator/orcallator.cfg.in
>    trunk/orca/data_gatherers/orcallator/orcallator.se
>    trunk/orca/data_gatherers/orcallator/start_orcallator.sh.in
>    trunk/orca/lib/Makefile.in
> Log:
> * Added new lib/SE/3.2.1 and lib/SE/3.3 directories to hold new
>   orca_p_vmstat_class.se file.
> * orca_p_vmstat_class.se file added which contains definitions of new metrics
> * start_orcallator modified to determine installed SE version which is used to
>   include the correct version of orca_p_vmstat_class.se file.
> * orcallator.cfg modified to graph new metrics
> * orcallator.se modified to collect new metrics
> * Makefile.in modified to properly create new lib/SE/3.2.1 and lib/SE/3.3
>   directories and copy orca_p_vmstat_class.se files during installation

Hey Sean,

What about those modifications to the commit message format ???? :)

I'd like to keep the format consistent.  I sent my suggested changes
in a previous message.

You can update this log message by doing something like:

svn propget --revprop svn:log -r 197 > msg
vi msg
svn propset --revprop svn:log -r 197 -F msg

When you do this, please drop a message to orca-dev saying that
the message has been updated and the new message.  This is to
just note to the other developers that it's been updated.

Thanks a lot.  I'm using the same standards for Orca as on the
Subversion dev team, which I'm on.


Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
Plots of your system's performance - http://www.orcaware.com/orca/

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