[Orca-dev] Re: [Orca-checkins] rev 197 - in trunk/orca: lib lib/SE lib/SE/3.2.1 lib/SE/3.3data_gatherers/orcallator

Sean O'Neill sean at seanoneill.info
Sun Jan 19 22:06:28 PST 2003

Commit log message for rev 197 updated using the following as per Blair's 

* lib/SE/3.2.1,
   New directories to hold new orca_p_vmstat_class.se files.

* lib/SE/3.2.1/orca_p_vmstat_class.se,
* lib/SE/3.3/orca_p_vmstat_class.se:
   New files which contain definitions of new metrics.  These files are
   modifications of the p_vmstat_class.se file that comes with SE 3.2.1 and SE
   3.3.  Rich Pettit asked that the modifications to these files be 
included as
   part of Orca as he won't be including them with SE.

* data_graphers/orcallator/start_orcallator.sh.in:
   Modified to determine installed SE version which is used to
   include the correct version of orca_p_vmstat_class.se file. Modified to
   make sure either SE 3.2.1 or SE 3.3 is found. If neither version is 
found, an
   error is displayed and the script exists.

* data_graphers/orcallator/orcallator.cfg.in:
   Modified to graph new metrics.

* data_graphers/orcallator/orcallator.se:
   Modified to collect new metrics.

* lib/Makefile.in:
   Modified to properly create new lib/SE/3.2.1 and lib/SE/3.3
   directories and copy orca_p_vmstat_class.se files during installation.

* The modifications above allow for the collection and graphing of the
   following metrics:

   pgrec/s - page reclaims (include pageout)
   pgfrec/s - page reclaims from free list
   pgin/s - pageins
   pages_in/s - pages paged in
   pgout/s - pageouts
   pages_out/s - pages paged out
   dfree/s - pages freed by daemon or auto
   min_fault/s - minor page faults
                (pvm.hat_fault + pvm.as_fault)
   maj_fault/s - major page faults
   prot_fault/s - protection faults
   cow_fault/s - copy-on-write faults
   zfod/s - zero-fill-on-demand faults
   interrupts/s - interrupts including clock
   intrthreads/s - interrupts as threads
                  (below clock)
   invol_switches/s - involuntary context switches
   namei/s - pathname lookups
   ufsiget/s - ufs_iget() calls
   ufsdirblk/s - directory blocks read
   ufsinopage/s - inodes taken with no attached

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Sean O'Neill 

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