[Orca-dev] New Release 3.4.1 of SE Toolkit

Dagobert Michelsen dam at baltic-online.de
Tue Apr 10 22:30:29 PDT 2007


there is a new release 3.4.1 of the SE Toolkit. The following issues  
have been

Bug fixes:
   support for architecture 'amd64'
   readdir is now a builtin and doesn't dump core in Solaris 10 any more

New kstat structures:

Features added:
   now released under GPL :-)

   update from orcallator 1.37 to 1.40
   sources for license server in nilib are now included

The package can be downloaded at

Please report bugs, feature requests etc. at the SourceForge tracker.

Have fun!

   -- Dagobert

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