[Orca-dev] [Orca-users] ORCA and Solaris 10

JV jv711 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 12 19:45:20 PDT 2007

Who among us on orca-users at orcaware.com is an external beta tester for
Solaris 11/Opensolaris?

The Opensolaris folks are making aggressive and exciting changes to
many, if not all pieces of the Solaris O/S, for instance, the
Forte/Sunstudio 11 compiler is now free, as in beer, and "they" are
promoting Sunstudio 11 over gcc. (e.g.,

My interest is that orca should be "easy to compile and install" but I
am not a C programmer, just a lowly sysadmin who recognizes orca needs
some dedicated QA/regression testing, and a rational release schedule
if it is to flourish in the coming years.

I am too busy playing with ZFS snapshots and the oodles of
pre-installed/bundled software like MySQL, PHP, and VNC in Solaris 11
to devote much time to orca, so I just run orca on Solaris 9, and mess
around with SUSE 10 SLED on my laptop in the remaining free time.
Solaris 11 on x86 is going to look and act more like linux in the near
future, as Sun has hired the inventor of Debian, Ian Murdock

Has the tide turned, and Solaris sparc is no longer the preferred
platform for orca? Are MOST of you using linux now? We seemed to have
plenty of people hacking out AIX and Windows based ports of orca just a
year or two ago...

If I put a PHP-based poll on my website will you guys and gals come
vote on your platform?


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